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Designed for any size group or organization.

Inspired and engaged people make their organizations successful.  But in the work-a-day world, whether non-profit, corporate, or in education, people can get bogged down in the must do’s and checklists of every day. Opportunities to replenish our value, find commonality in others’ stories, and being motivated to be our best selves, go a long way in engaging the people who make our organizations flourish. Our dynamic, inspiring, and effective keynote addresses combine humor, anecdotes, and the human condition as a backdrop, more than that…they allow the audience to connect their own experiences with the ideas presented.  We have taught and facilitated workshops throughout California and around the nation on many subjects including:  creating welcoming environments, engaging families, conflict management, developing leaders, and California’s Local Control Funding Formula. Whether your group is large or small, corporate, non-profit or in a school setting, we will work with you to deliver the inspiration and motivation worthy of your greatest natural resource… your people.


Mentoring and coaching designed for organizations and individuals.

We are all learning, all the time. Our thoughts, experience, history and perceptions change. Our skills often need to be strengthened and new skills to be learned.  All organizations, whether corporate or non-profit, are in the people business. People like to work, do business with, or be part of welcoming environments.  There are many skills you can learn to access your organization’s friendliness and how to make work more productive.

Public speaking is often regarded as one of the most difficult and stressful things a person can do. Learn how to hone your speaking skills, feel comfortable speaking, and share your story and your message. These skills are necessary for sharing your organization’s needs, for working with the media, and for using social media.

Being an effective spokesperson for your project, your organization, or yourself, is a game-changer.  We offer specially designed workshops and assistance for groups and individuals.  Our workshops offer those game-changing skills. We also offer mentoring and coaching for groups and individuals.


Specifically designed for educational agencies, organizations or volunteer associations.

It is often thought that if you just tell people to do something, they’ll do it. AND they might.  It might “get done.” But will the work be done with passion, a spirit of dedication and commitment? Whether working with families, youth, organizations or school communities, learning engagement strategies is A KEY to a successful outcome.

For member organizations or those relying on volunteers, volunteer retention, recruitment and appreciation are an essential piece to the work of the organization.  There are many strategies to help strengthen the people piece of your organization.

This is true in school communities in relation to Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), California’s Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), and Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), where the law’s intent is to hear community voices. Administrators and teachers are busy with more to do than possible in a work day. A great deal of work goes into producing student outcomes.  Working positively with families can help reach goals.